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Explore firsthand experiences from parents, clients, and colleagues below. Their testimonials offer a direct glimpse into the positive impact we've made. Read on to hear their stories and insights.


"Great therapist!
Has a lot of patience with the kiddos.
Hears me out as a concerned mommy.
Very supportive in the children's outcome and schooling.
We appreciate her!"


"My son has been seeing Miss Melissa for speech therapy for a little over a year now and I am impressed at how much his speech development has improved during this time. She does a great job at encouraging him to use his words and listening skills during speech therapy and she has also educated my husband and me on ways we can continue those lessons at home. Melissa is a sweetheart and her passion and knowledge really comes through during our sessions. My son adores her and he looks forward to seeing her every week. 10/10 would recommend! Thanks Miss Melissa!"


"My daughter is a Covid baby born in 2020. It took a toll on her speech development due to environmental depravation as she had no exposure to anyone other my husband and I.  She was not meeting her milestones and even at 1 year old, she was barely saying any words. Speech therapy was recommended and we are very lucky to find Melissa as her speech therapist.

Melissa is very knowledgeable and always gives us helpful tips to do at home to help with our daughter's speech therapy. We are always so excited to attend her sessions. Their sessions were fun and she was always engaged. She was very patient with my daughter.

My daughter talks so much now compared to when she started and we are very thankful to Melissa."


"Melissa is an amazing speech therapist. Her patience and expertise was apparent from the very first session. Not only is she effective during treatment sessions, she has also taught me things I can do to see quicker progress with my kids. I can't recommend her enough."


"I am a physical therapist who previously worked with Melissa. Melissa is such a caring and thoughtful pediatric speech therapist. She will go above and beyond to help assist your child with their specific needs. She is thorough and will listen not only to her patients but also the parent/caregivers. You will know your in good hands when she's your child's speech therapist."


"Melissa is an amazing speech therapist. She worked with our daughter Katrina since she was 21 months old. As a child born during Covid lockdown, she was greatly deprived of play and social settings. Her only interactions with people during this very formative time were with myself and my wife so her speech and communication skills were delayed immensely. Since their first day of working, Melissa got my daughter fully engaged and having fun immediately during their play routines. We brought those ideas at home and they have greatly contributed to her early development. She is now a lot more outgoing and loves to talk and express herself. My daughter would always be excited when it was a session day and lights up when she sees Melissa as she knows they will have a fun time. Even at times when she was in a visibly bad and cranky mood for the day, she would snap out of it as soon as she sees Melissa. We highly recommend her to any child who needs speech and language therapy. Thank you very much!!"


"I am pleased to write this review and recommendation for Melissa which I had the pleasure of working with. she’s a wonderful therapist with years of experience. Always super sweet, caring, understanding and very knowledgeable, I highly recommend Eat ,Speak ,Breathe Speech Therapy."

Michael and Jackie

"Melissa is a caring Speech-Language Pathologist who truly cares about her clients and their family. She has more than 10 years of experience and is knowledgeable in early intervention, feeding therapy, articulation disorders, orofacial myofunctional therapy, and much more!!! Melissa is passionate, sweet, intelligent, caring and an exceptional therapist; I highly recommend Melissa!"


"I am very glad that my child and Melissa‘s path had crossed, when we needed the most help. Melissa showed incredible passion and consistens with her dedication with helping my baby to speak. It’s not easy to get a 3 year old to concentrate for an hour especially when his twin brother playing around.
I’ll upload Melissa for her true passion for kids. She is incredible teacher."


"Melissa is a wonderful therapist with years of experience and knowledge. She is wonderful with kids and has the ability to provide engaging, child centered therapy to a verity of clients. She’s a pleasure to work with!"

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