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Feedng Therapy


Feeding Therapy

We specialize in providing comprehensive and compassionate support for children facing feeding challenges.

Feeding Therapy Services 


Allow us to assist you in understanding the difficulties your child is experiencing with food and feeding. Our comprehensive evaluation examines your child as a whole, considering all aspects of the feeding situation, not just one isolated element. We take into consideration all the factors that can complicate and hinder progress in overcoming feeding challenges. By gaining a complete understanding of your child's feeding issues, we can create a personalized therapy plan that enhances their eating skills and, in the process, cultivates a more comfortable relationship with food. This assessment lays the foundation for effective collaboration between our therapists and your child's healthcare providers to ensure both safety and success in your child's journey with food.

Feeding Therapy
Feeding Therapy
Feeding Therapy
Feeding Therapy



Gathering on a consistent basis, we will collaborate closely with you and your child to foster trust and embrace progress. Together, we'll develop the essential skills required to instill strength and confidence in your child's approach to eating. We strive to pave the way for a lasting, healthy connection between your child and food. Actively involving parents in this process substantially reduces mealtime tension while enhancing your child's comfort and skill when it comes to eating. With this strong groundwork in place, we are poised to guide your child toward skilled and harmonious feeding experiences.

Eating Breakfast

Feeding Evaluations:

Our Comprehensive Feeding Evaluation:

At Eat Speak Breathe, we understand that feeding challenges in children can be complex and stressful for both parents and their little ones. That's why we offer a comprehensive feeding evaluation designed to provide you with a holistic understanding of your child's unique relationship with food.

What Does Our Comprehensive Feeding Evaluation Include?

1. Sensory Exploration: Examining taste, smell, and texture preferences.

2. Motor Assessment: Assessing mouth muscles and chewing/swallowing patterns.

3. Behavioral Insights: Understanding your child's attitude toward food.


4. Caregiver-Child Dynamic: Recognizing how mealtime dynamics influence feeding.


Why Choose Our Comprehensive Feeding Evaluation?

- Personalized Solutions: Tailored therapy

plans to suit your child's needs.

- Collaborative Approach: We partner with

healthcare providers for success.

- Support Every Step of the Way: We're with you

every step of the way.

Empower Your Child's Feeding Journey

Discover the keys to unlocking your child's potential for healthy eating. Schedule a comprehensive feeding evaluation with Eat Speak Breathe today, and let us be your partners in nourishing your child's growth and well-being.

Feeding Therapy

Feeding difficulties can look like ...


  • Poor Latch to bottle or breast

  • Painful breastfeeding 

  • Coughing or Choking 

  • Slow Weight Gain / underweight

  • Prolonged Feeding Times (more than 30 minutes)

  • Refusal of bottle feeds

  • Reflux/vomiting​​​​

Infant Feeding Therapy
Toddler Feeding Therapy


  • Difficulty transitioning to solid foods

  • Difficulty drinking from an open cup

  • Insist on specific food textures, tastes, and smells

  • Resist trying any new foods

  • Stressful mealtimes for both parent and child

  • Prolonged feeding times (more than 30 minutes)

  • Slow Weight gain / underweight 

  • Coughing and/or choking


  • Avoidance of food groups

  • Difficulty eating a variety of textures, tastes, smells

  • Insist on specific food textures, tastes, and smells

  • Resist trying any new foods

  • Prolonged feeding times (more than 30 minutes)

  • Parent and/or Child distress at mealtime

  • Need for screen-time (distractions) at mealtime

  • Difficulty going to restaurants or family gathering because of mealtime stress

Feeding Disorder

Feeding Treatment:

Building Confidence at Mealtimes: Our Approach to Feeding


Join us on a journey where we work closely with you and your child to build trust and make progress together. We're here to help your child develop the essential skills they need to feel strong and confident when it comes to eating.


What We Do?


Tailored for your child: We understand that every child is unique, and our approach is all about creating a plan that suits your child's specific needs.


Expert Guidance: Our team specializes in helping kids with feeding challenges, offering expert guidance and insights.


Family-First: We believe parents play a vital role. Our approach actively involves you, reducing mealtime stress and making eating more comfortable for your child.

In-home comfort: Effective therapy happens at home, where your child feels safe and comfortable.

Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to empower you and your child with the tools you need for a positive feeding experience. 


Your child's journey to becoming a happy and confident eater begins here, schedule a consultation with us today.

Contact Us

Book a phone consultation with us today. We offer a complimentary screening. Contact us by phone or email and reach out with any questions and comments.

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